Summer must have been on the minds of Cecilia and Martijn, the owners of the condo we collaborated on. They approached the architects of Urban Echoes to design an open and dynamic patio house for a family with four children, with a colorful facade made of recycled material.

The house is located on the roof of a CPO residential building named ‘Pondok’ in Amsterdam. For the interior, Urban Echoes designed a dynamic floor plan that uses curtains to provide the flexibility to separate and merge spaces.

Both the architect as well as the client believed strongly in the use of sustainable materials for this project. Together with our R&D department they selected a unique pattern of ten different ‘flavours’ of WasteBasedBricks®.

Some of the colours we used were still in research at our laboratory, but the client and architect motivated us to develop the products further and create a colourful and flamboyant facade.

Vink Bouw then took over and did the construction of the facade of which the result can be seen on this project page.

They facade is a mixture of the Wasabi Raw & Sliced, Nougat Raw & Sliced, Truffle Raw & Sliced, Caramel Raw & Sliced (currently not in our assortment), and Mushroom Raw & Sliced.

We believe that this colourful condo in Amsterdam truly shows what waste can do when applied in new ways, don’t you agree?