Tom van Soest graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012 on a project that researched the potentials of building waste as a new material for bricks. Soon after, he teamed up with Ward Mass to found the company StoneCycling, which produces a variety of bricks from construction industry residue: the WasteBasedBrick. Mixed with an array of hues, the brick is a fresh way to inject colour into building facades. The bricks meet technical specifications and certificates for usage in all kinds of construction
projects. Van Soest is also working on projects that experiment with techniques to use waste glass in the production of new, attractive products – Heineken bottles, and the bottle-up project in Zanzibar.

Jury statement:
What makes Tom van Soest’s work so admirable is that he presents a usable product that offers true impact. In doing so, he stands out through his keenness to look beyond the end product and design the production process, too. Van Soest is all the more praiseworthy for getting a grip on frequently timeconsuming and complicated legislative processes for (new) construction materials, in a short space of time. His project demonstrates courage, and the passion of a true artisan. The jury looks forward to following the growth of the designer, and his company.
photo: Nick Bookelaar