Welcome to Zanzibar, tropical island on the coast of East Africa. In recent years, tourists have become an increasingly important source of income, as well as (glass) waste. A glass of wine with dinner and cocktails on the beautiful beach are part and parcel of the tropical experience for island visitors.

Zanzibar is not yet equipped to process or recycle all this glass waste, which means that the glass ultimately makes its way into the beautiful natural surroundings. But what if the tourism that caused this glass waste could also contribute to processing it? Six young Dutch designers travelled to Zanzibar in September to up-cycle the glass waste. During the trip they worked together with local craftsmen to translate smart solutions and local techniques into a first series of beautiful products.


Close the cycle, upwards!

Offering the products to tourists on the island completes the circle: the waste caused by tourism is transformed into beautiful, locally produced up-cycle products, whereby the tourists that buy the products directly finance the next step: the development of construction materials made from glass waste. The product line is just the first step towards a cleaner island: the income generated by the products will be directly invested in the development of more constructive solutions for processing glass. After all, only a relatively small proportion of the total amount of glass waste can be used to make these products. The goal is to process large amounts of glass waste into construction materials that can be used on the island.

photo: Pim van Baarsen