The StoneCycling concept initially started at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Co-founder of the company Tom van Soest focussed during his studies on using the full potential of waste to create new building materials. Using the waste materials as a starting point, he started to grind, blend and process them in different ways. This led to surprising results uncovering the great potential and value waste materials can have.

In 2013 he founded StoneCycling together with Ward Massa. Ever since, StoneCycling has made big steps forward and is now one of the pioneers in designing, developing and producing unique building materials from waste.


Numerous publication in renowned media around the world such as the Guardian, Metropolis Magazine, Wallpaper, ArchDaily and Materia have put StoneCycling in the spotlight. More and more architects choose for sustainable facade materials. They value StoneCycling’s personal approach, love for making beautiful sustainable and tailor-made products.

Now, 3 years later and many lessons learned, the first buildings including our recycled WasteBasedBricks are coming up. In the years to come we will introduce a range of new products for the interior and the exterior, enabling architects to give a personal and sustainable touch to their designs.

photo: Boudewijn Bollmann